The Phoenix Club Prepares To Launch

By: Destination Club News
Date: June 8, 2010

The phoenix can be found in Persian, Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, and Phoenician mythology, burning out a fiery death only to be reborn again. High Country Club once burned bright as one of the destination club industry's leading players, quickly attracting hundreds of members as the low cost alternative within the destination club industry. Just as suddenly as their rise to the top of the sector, the club filed for bankruptcy. High executive compensation, irresponsible spending, and decreased interest in luxury travel all played a part in the club's demise, leaving the club's members without their refundable membership deposits and future travel plans. From those ashes comes The Phoenix Club, a new destination club looking to help fill the void at the value segment of the destination club industry vacated by High Country Club nearly a year and a half ago.

The Phoenix ClubFirst introduced in August of 2009, The Phoenix Club looked to "reorganize and reconstitute" High Country Club. In January of that year, High Country Club filed for bankruptcy and a small group of creditors believed that their investment would be lost if the club's bankruptcy continued along its then current course.

With High Country Club locked in bankruptcy proceedings, The Phoenix Club has continued to prepare for their pending launch, scheduled for later this month. This additional time has allowed the club to shape their offering, making themselves the least expensive destination club in the industry with memberships available for as little as $10,000.

We have spoken with the club and have learned that they have already received "positive responses" from over 200 former High Country Club members and will begin accepting members upon launch. At that time, The Phoenix Club will also begin reaching out to non-High Country Club members. We have asked the club a wide range of questions from their executive team to their resignation and redemption policies and will feature their responses as the launch approaches. If you have any questions that you would like us to ask, please feel free to e-mail us at

Check back in the coming weeks for more information about The Phoenix Club and the rest of the destination club industry.