Legacy Destinations

A very young destination club that essentially exists solely as a website, Legacy Destinations was based out of Palm Beach, Florida, and included a launch portfolio of Buenos Aires and Telluride, with plans to add a plethora of global destinations including St. Barts, Cabo San Lucas, Barbados, and Costa Rica in addition to US properties in New York, Kiawah, and Napa Valley.

A self proclaimed "boutique club," the company's description was "Legacy Destinations was created to offer a more competitive approach to the destination club industry. Company founders have developed a business model with a clear competitive advantage over the competition."

This competitve advantage was that the club would seek out homeowners and developers who wanted to "leverage thier current property into something much greater." These homeowners and developers would make their home available to the club and receive a free membership and no annual dues within the club. The club would then charge "significant membership deposits" to outside members to join the club and have access to the collection of properties. While taking elements from the destination club model, their assertion of being a destination club is be debatable.

While concepts similar to this have been used before, often successfully, Legacy Destinations was unable to catch on, and the member aspect appears to have never fully been created with pricing, membership plans, annual dues, club usage, and club usage never were made known.

Like many other destination clubs of their size, it appears that Legacy Destinations ceased operations as emails have bounced back and the published phone number directs to a limousine company.

To learn more about Legacy Destinations, please visit the club's quick links found to the right or request a free copy of our Destination Club Guide.

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